Nicholas Raimondi

Nicholas Raimondi


Nicholas Raimondi is a lifelong musician, hailing from Deerfield, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Nicholas has been playing instruments since he was in grade school, starting with guitar and piano. While piano is Nicholas’ primary instrument, he also is an accomplished saxophonist and clarinetist, having played both through high school and college. He serves as a woodwind and piano teacher for Springfield Music. In addition to teaching through Springfield Music, Nick is a classroom music teacher for Kansas City (MO) Public Schools at Hartman Elementary and the Success Academy at Knotts.

Nicholas attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he received his Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Glenn Korff School of Music. Nicholas has performed with multiple ensembles in college, including the Pride of all Nebraska, Cornhusker Marching Band, UNL Symphonic Band, and sang in with the University Singers, Nebraska’s premier collegiate choral ensemble.

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