Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson


Jonathan Nelson began his musical journey at age 12 when he began running A/V at his church.  A year later he picked up guitar and fell in love with it.  Playing live in worship bands from the very beginning gave Jonathan a great perspective on what is needed to thrive in a band/group setting and he enjoys sharing this with his students.  Jonathan first started playing guitar to fill in the missing spot in his church’s worship band, but little did he know, it would turn into an obsession, shaping his life forever after. Music has always been an integral part of life for Jonathan and he loves passing this passion onto his students.

The first style of music that caught Jonathan’s ear was metal/hardcore, with influences from bands like Emery, Underoath, 10 years, Makari, Periphery and The Contortionist.  During his college years, he played in multiple jazz groups/combos while also studying theory extensively.  In more recent years, Jonathan has kept his original influences close to heart but enjoys playing a wide variety of styles, from metal to jazz and everything else in between.

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